Non-linguistic communication - togetherness - conversation through movement, sound and space 

Sayang makes club music to prompt deeper body/brain responses and sonic experiences that encourage rest and alternative perceptions of our worlds.

In sound design, they often look to their Malaysian home with field recordings and electronic emulations of familiar noises, through the distance of modular synthesis. Their connection with nature and a British childhood in electronic music echoes throughout. Experiences of neurodiversity and alternative sound processing leads their approach to timbre and pace. Sayang has a key developmental interest in body/brain reactions to frequency.

Sayang's DJ sets are raw and reactive, exploring guttural bass, ambitious soundscapes, [sexual]tension and deeper thought with all-vinyl sets, digitally layered by 3-4 deck mixing. Nods to a background in UK dubstep and techno add depth, while early music inspiration from new wave to industrial shape tonality. Curveballs from their musical roots alongside freak, fetish and oddball favourites bend boundaries of genre and rythm while toying with sexuality, trends and ego.

Live performances, ambient “sound baths”, auditory explorations and sonic art are used as a form of connection and an alternative to speech. In all aspects, Sayang hopes to push boundaries of dis/comfort, bridge new spaces, amplify their communities and connect intersections and experiences from personal and community contexts.

Sayang is a resident of the UK queer party, Love Muscle.

Recent highlights include an exhibition/residency at Treasure Hill Artist Village [TW], DJ sets at UNFOLD [UK], Draaimolen Festival [NL], Waterworks Festival [UK], SPIELRAUM x Klauw [NL] and creating audio visual film/sound piece "Found Me // 3am" with filmmaker Toni Lee.