2023 artist in residence. Treasure Hill Artist Village. Taipei [TW]

Sayang is a Malaysian/British sound artist and DJ exploring electronic vs environmental audio approaches to communal rest, [dis]comfort, connection, access and intersectional identity across club, gallery and alternative environments.

Based in the North of the UK, they use modular synthesis and field recordings in production and immersive audio installations. Their all-vinyl DJ sets are digitally layered in the form of 3-4 deck mixing.

Latest: Broken. Water [air]. Speak.

Exhibition at Treasure Hill Artist Village

Taipei, Taiwan

24.02.23 - 13.02.23

Over the course of three weeks, Sayang used modular synthesis and field recordings from three of Taipei's water sources, to develop an interactive, evolving exhibition.

Split into three chapters, the exhibition reflected Sayang's personal experiences and connection to water during their time in Taipei, as well as the people who responded through rest, mark making and drawing. Each chapter took the form of live sound installations, a gentle environment and visitor response with charcoal and paper.

This was a dedicated space to explore and develop non-verbal communication, human and environmental relationships and alternative interpretations of a singular event.

Latest: Enough [Nehza Records]

Release on Transaquae VA 


Splashes of bass, breakbeat, bass, techno and experimental soundscapes; Nehza Records delivers second V/A - Transaquæ.

The sixth release on RONI’s label Nehza Records dives into the theme of Water and explores how we, as humans, share the same Water as animals and plants to survive. Transaquae features ten international producers, traversing from the UK to Europe to Asia, each of whom interprets the theme of Water in their own distinct way.

Jossy Mitsu, Flore, Angel D’lite, CRRDR, Sun People, Nog4yra, SAYANG, Roaming Data, TOBS and label boss RONI tell the story of Water and its nourishment of planet earth, from feeding new life to regulating the temperature of humans and nature.